our program

Jinlong Kung Fu Institute offers a long distance program for those who wish to train traditional Kung Fu but do not have access to a good school. Unfortuantely, there are many untrained teachers out there who use Kung Fu as a source of income and have litter or no real training in any martial arts. Our program is not only an effective martial arts system but is also great for fitness, building self confidence and discipline and much more. Kung Fu is not a sport or hobby, it is a lifestyle and journey that will go on for as long as you allow it. This is not a buy a belt course! Meaning you will have to send in videos of your practice before being able to move onto the next set of techniques. You will have 1 on 1 sessions with Sifu Jin on a regular and consistent basis. This helps eliminate the misunderstandings that come with learning online. This will also allow you to be evaluated and receive personal adjustments and refinements to your techniques to help you progress as if you were at a real traditional school.

how it works?

First you will need to ask yourself one question:
1. Do I want to learn traditional Kung Fu?

If you answered yes then our program is for you. Next, you will need to pick the appropriate subscription that will work best for you. Meaning how much time can you make each week to train. ( please do not make excuses. Nobody has time we all have to make time for things that we want. )

Once you pick a subscription package the training will begin immediately no time wasted at all. Welcome to my school and my family and please enjoy the courses.


How long does it take to finish a level or the whole program?

Every student is different. No one learns at the same pace especially with martial arts and Kung Fu.

How often do I need to train?

I recommend at least 3 days a week. However, each person is different, some may need more rest time between training sessions. You know your body best so train accordingly.

Do I get a certificate at each level?

Yes. You will get a certificate signed by me as well as a sash with each level you pass.

What Is the easiest way to move up in level?

There are no easy ways in Kung Fu. It takes consistent work and practice. Kung Fu means accomplishment through hard work! Work hard and the rewards will be great.

Why do I need a training partner?

You do not have to have a training partner if you don’t have someone to train with. It is best to have a training partner as it is difficult to teach someone to block a punch when you have never had someone punch at you hahahah.

Is this a self defense art?

I don’t believe in a self defense art. This is a martial art system. Meaning it is taught, trained and performed as a martial art. You will probably never ever be in a situation where only 1 technique will save you from a dangerous situation. However, this system was designed for fighting. It is powerful, fluid, fast, and uses unique angles and levels for effective striking.

What equipment do I need for the program?

No equipment is needed at all but there are some workout options that require some fitness equipment